Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As 2012 Comes to a Close... and 2013 Comes Rolling In

As another year comes to a close, it's a time for reflection. A time to look back at the accomplishments and challenges of the past 365 days.

2012 has been an exciting year. As I look back, here are the highlights.
  • March - ran a personal-best half marathon time of 2:01:41. I had a goal to break 2 hours and was so incredibly close.
Crossing the Finish Line
  • April - Found out the company where I worked was being sold. I worked in their HR department for 5 years. It was all I ever knew here since moving to Colorado. It was a huge shock. I started looking for jobs that day.
  • May - I went back to Indiana to visit my family. I combined the trip with running the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon. I broke my goal of two hours and finished it in 1:54:31. What an incredible accomplishment for me!

  • June - Went to Lawrence, KS to race KS 70.3. A half-Ironman consists of a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run. That was a hellish race. Strong winds on the bike. Huge hills (into the 30-40 mph wind gusts). Hot temperatures. I was so thrilled to finish. It was my second 70.3 distance race, so I didn't know what to expect. I finished in 6:32:00.

On the run portion. Focused.
After finishing KS 70.3.

  • After we returned from Kansas, we started following the Paleo lifestyle for Athletes. My husband and I both lost weight prior to our Ironman in August. I lost 10 pounds and my husband lost 30 pounds. Paleo rocks!
My first Paleo shopping trip - yum!

  • July - At the beginning of the month, I started my new job in payroll. Middle of the month, we had a family reunion in Estes Park, CO. It was lovely to have family from all over the country visit us in Colorado. We spent a few days at the YMCA of the Rockies. What a lovely area!
Top: My immediate family with spouses/kids. Bottom: My beautiful mom and me.
My cousin and me (with her son at my feet). Love her!

  • August - My husband and I traveled to Penticton, British Columbia to compete in Ironman Canada. It ended up being a historic event, as it was the last Ironman Canada in Penticton (their 35th anniversary). We love the area. It's our second summer visiting the Okanagan region. We had a blast during the race too. I had a flat tire on the bike course, but that only put me back 10 minutes. The last 10K of the run is what got the best of me. Running along Lakeshore was so much fun though. I recorded the experience, because I had to capture the final moments of my second Ironman. If you ever go to Penticton, be sure to eat at La Casa Ouzeria. They are the greatest family in town and will treat you well. Tell Lia the Wilsons sent you.
Standing next to the swim buoys

Paul standing in a sea of transition bags
Finisher's chute the day before
Dinner the night before
Ironman morning
Heading to T1
Body marking

Bike course

Why yes, I did take a self-portrait on the marathon
Run Course
Finisher Photo
Post-race dinner at La Casa Ouzeria
The day after - Penticton is known for peaches!
Cheering on the final finishers
Beautiful scenery

  • September - I traveled back to Indiana for my 10-year High School Reunion. What a fabulous weekend. It was great to catch up with some old friends who I haven't seen for years. I appreciate growing up in a small town. Everyone knows everyone (almost). Parts of me miss the small town, but I certainly love cities and all they have to offer.
At the airport

My nephew and me

My childhood best friend and me with her new baby

Another great friend from my childhood

Best friends in elementary school

Another good friend from my childhood

  • October - We traveled back to Columbus, OH (where we lived before moving to Colorado). We went to the Ohio State vs. Purdue football game. I'm a Boilermaker alum. That was probably the best college football game I've watched in a long time. It was a tough loss for the Boilers, but still very entertaining. We ate at many of our favorite restaurants while in town. It was definitely a "cheat" weekend of eating.
Purdue vs. Ohio State - Boiler Up!

First Watch - one of our favorite breakfast spots in Columbus

At the 'Shoe

The Boilermaker Special

Inside the 'Shoe - Script Ohio

Fresh-squeezed juices from North Star Cafe

  • End of October - The Paleo Network was born.
  • November - My parents drove out to Colorado with their black German Shepherd for Thanksgiving. It was awesome to have guests and to spend the holiday with my parents. I'm so thankful I have parents who are willing and able to drive across the country to see me. Love them!
My mom and me on Thanksgiving

Our Paleo Thanksgiving

Paleo desserts

Me and Odie (my parents dog)

Me, Odie and my mom

  • December - Rehearsals for The Paleo Network's first cooking show. I'm getting more comfortable in front of the camera.
It has been an exciting 2012. What are some 2012 highlights for you? 

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