Monday, January 14, 2013

Whole30 - Day 13

Today has been somewhat of a "blah" kind of day. Blah and blur. Not sure why that is. Maybe because my meals weren't extraordinary. Oh... I know what it is. It's Day 13. Yeah, that's it.

I made the decision last night that I would run during my lunch hour today. That was a good plan, because I was able to sleep until 6:20am. I did my squats this morning while my breakfast was cooking. Work was another busy day. Friday afternoon, the internet/network went down from 2pm on. That meant I had a lot of emails and work in general to catch up on this morning. I took a break to run 5 miles on the treadmill, plus a 7-minute cool-down walk. It took 42:46, which is a bit slow for me. I'm usually between 40 and 41 minutes for that distance. It felt pretty awesome to sweat though. 

I was really disappointed when I realized I didn't pack any fruit with my lunch. I later realized I had organic dried mango slices. That was even better than the banana I was longing. Have you ever tried dried mango slices? If not, you really ought to give them a try. Well, if you like mangoes. I happen to love them. Mangoes are my all-time favorite fruit and possibly my favorite food. My ultimate dream is to have a mango tree in my yard. That means I will have to move to a warmer climate. I'd be ok with that. It would be much better than the 10-15 degree temps today. After work, I stopped by the allergy place to get another allergy shot. Build-up phase is twice per week. I wanted to make a stop at Target as well, but at that point it was already 5:30pm. I needed to get home to make dinner. Target trip will happen tomorrow.

Breakfast: 1/4 cup diced sweet potato, 1/2 diced portobello mushroom and 1/2 green bell pepper sauteed in a little coconut oil w/ two eggs scrambled in. I also had a scoop of leftover meat-veggie sauce from the weekend.

Lunch: Mixed greens with tomato, avocado and chicken w/ olive oil & lemon juice dressing (seasoned with sea salt and pepper).
Snack: Dried Mango Slices - 7-8 pieces, I think. Perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Oh yeah, I also ate one of the banana muffins I baked yesterday. So delicious.
Dinner: Roasted Red Pepper & Avocado Soup w/ Tomato-Basil Chicken Sausage. I'll be honest. I'm not a big fan of this soup. I think it had way too much paprika. There was just something about it. I think it could be a better soup without the paprika and use sweet potatoes or butternut squash. Maybe I don't like pureed roasted red peppers. We ate the soup with the homemade herb crackers I made yesterday. That wasn't quite enough so I also ate an apple. 
That's pretty much Day 13 in a nutshell. My husband and I watched last night's episode of "The Mentalist." What a great show! I'm catching up a bit on tonight's "Biggest Loser." I get to fast forward through commercials and watch a bit more in my limited time. I get a kick out of the misinformation given out on "Biggest Loser." They teach them that low-fat is healthy. It's not. We need fats to function. It's all about eating the right fats - avocados, coconuts, olives. It's not about eating whole grains. It's about cutting out the grains. We were made a specific way and to eat certain foods. Why don't we all eat that way to optimally fuel ourselves? It's incredible. I can't believe I went almost 28 years of my life before adopting Paleo. Let's spread the word about Paleo! 

By the way, I'm thinking of coming up with a nickname for my husband. I know of one Paleo blogger who calls her husband "The Caveman". Any ideas on a name for mine? I don't want to copy "The Caveman" but it's pretty darn cute. 

I'm feeling exhausted at this point. Good night everyone!

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