Friday, January 25, 2013

Whole30 - Day 23

Am I really finished with Day 23? That felt strange typing '23' and yet it's rewarding knowing I only have one more week. Yesterday was the first day I had a true desire for something outside of the parameters. It may be the cumulative effect of pinning mostly Paleo desserts. Plus, as I grabbed my fresh undipped fruit from the Edible Arrangement a coworker sent to our team, the scent of chocolate was wafting through the air directly into my nose. Seriously, chocolate?! It was easy to resist, but that scent was just so overpowering. It may also be the fact that I looked at the poster hanging up in my office with Big Fat Cupcake's menu. I had the desire to eat something with carbs. Something sweet. Something like cake, cupcakes, brownies and even Paleo granola. I think today may be a good day for a Larabar to curb those feelings.

I slept in until 6:15 yesterday morning. I decided to do my squats, push-ups and half of my sit-ups as I made breakfast. I love multitasking. I left a bit early for work so I could drive my car through the car wash. It seems like the lines are so ridiculously long in the afternoons. I have no interest waiting for 30+ minutes to wash my car. Mornings are nice. No one thinks of washing their car in the morning. I drove right into the bay for the 7-minute super wash. Clean Beemer. She is very happy now.

Yesterday was a productive day at the office. I was busy until midday and only had a chance to take a 10-minute break to soak in some sunshine. Oh, how I missed the sun. Yes, we only had one day of overcast, but that's still unusual for Colorado. I had a 3-hour webinar in the afternoon and was very productive during that time period. I was excited to get some things organized more to my liking. I've been in my position for 7 months now and it has taken me this long to realize I need to change some of the organization. I hate having clutter on my desk, so I'm trying to find ways to file things away into drawers and keep the desk clean.

My husband and I had a date night last night. We went to Mmm...Coffee for dinner before heading to the Avalanche vs. Blue Jackets hockey game. We had some prime seats - Row 15 behind the Avs goal. We did get to see some incredible fights. We were cheering for the Columbus Blue Jackets as we lived in Cbus prior to moving here. The Avs came out too strong and the Blue Jackets just couldn't hang on. Thank you to my husband's work for providing us the tickets!

Breakfast: Leftover biscuit cut in half with a beef hot dog, mushrooms and bell peppers, two eggs and diced avocado on top. I had a little glass of strawberry banana juice/smoothie.
AM Snack: I resisted the temptation of the Edible Arrangement and only ate a few pieces of plain fruit. The pineapple tasted amazing! 
Lunch: Leftover cod fish nuggets with mixed greens, tomato and lemon-olive oil dressing. I also ate some pureed cauliflower and the last of the crackers

 Dinner: Bowl of chicken minestrone soup with a kale-apple-sunflower seed salad (simple balsamic and olive oil dressing). Love Mmm...Coffee. They treat us so well.

So that was my Thursday... must get moving so I can eat and head to the office. Happy Friday everyone! TGIF! It's my favorite day of the week again.

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