Friday, January 11, 2013

Whole30 - Day 10

Double digits! Day 10 is in the books. Less than 3 weeks left of no sugar. I must say, today was the toughest yet. I woke up with the intent of running at the gym before work. However, I had another rough night of sleep. I decided to sleep past the first alarm and sleep until 6am. No morning workout for me. I packed a gym bag to bring to the office for a lunchtime workout. I watched last night's episode of The Office while doing my squats, sit-ups and push-ups. That show is hilarious! Meredith actually looks pretty good with a bald head. I'm also anxiously awaiting Erin and Pete to get together. It'll happen before the show ends. It has to! Oh, so what made today so tough? I was constantly hungry! I haven't felt that way for the entire Whole30 so far. I snacked both in the morning and afternoon.

Work was productive for the most part. The internet went down around 2pm and didn't come back on at all the rest of the day. Not a lot of work you can do when you can't access any systems. Before that happened, I took a break to run on the treadmill. It was definitely not an outside day. It started sleeting this morning and then it switched over to snow. Temps hovered around 30 degrees this morning and dropped throughout the day. I decided on a 5k run with some sprints in the middle. I threw in 100m/200m/300m/300m/200m/100m sprints in the middle. My legs moved a bit faster today. I really think yesterday's yoga made a difference.

Breakfast: Leftover bell peppers and onions, one piece of crumbled sausage and two over-medium eggs. Handful of blueberries and strawberries.

AM Snack: Unsweetened Banana Chips
All gone... how sad.
Lunch: Two Pure Wraps with lettuce, tomato, avocado, Dijon mustard and sauteed chicken tenders (I cooked them last night in a little olive oil with sea salt and pepper). I crushed up some Pizza Flax Snax and sprinkled them on top. Added a nice little crunch.

PM Snack: Apple (no picture)
Dinner: I made my own version of a tomato-meat sauce and served it atop a bunch of shredded zucchini. I had some cashew cream leftover from the other night, so I added it into the sauce at the end, along with some nutritional yeast. I drank the rest of my Strawberry Serenity Kombucha (about half the bottle).

It feels good to be home. The drive home from work was pretty ridiculous. There was a dusting of snow at my office (which is 9.5 miles from home). As I drove in the direction of home, the conditions quickly degraded. Heavy snow, strong winds, icy roads. I was driving 20-25mph up a huge hill and suddenly started fishtailing. I couldn't get any traction on the roads. I didn't couldn't make the turn onto the road that leads to my street, so I kept going to the next road and drove around the block. I drive a rear-wheel drive car and it doesn't drive well in the snowy winters. I shoveled the driveway quickly but not until after I took my shoes off, so I threw on my Croc sandals. Yeah, Croc sandals + snow + 19 degrees = frozen toes. My neighbor was going to use his snow blower, but couldn't get it started (flooded engine, he thought). Even so, I like our neighbors. This is an awesome street. Great people. 
Pictures just don't do justice. Snow-packed road on the drive home.
That's all for today. Goodbye, Friday. Hello, weekend! Do you have any fun plans? Workouts, running errands/shopping, Broncos game (watching it at the neighbor's house) and cooking this weekend for me. Good night! 

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