Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whole30 - Day 7

Amazing how fast time flies. We're already a week into Whole30 and I have no desire for any "cheat" foods. Blasted sugars, be gone! My sugar addiction has ended! It's incredible what one's mind can do. Oh, and sharing your daily food intake for anyone to see. That may have an impact. Pre-Paleo, I ate homemade sweets (almost daily), pastas and breads. I always made sure we had a veggie at each meal though. I definitely think it has helped to become Paleo first. That allowed me to cut out the grains, dairy, legumes, processed foods and refined sugars. It's a lot easier to get rid of honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar than going from the Standard American Diet to Whole30 overnight.

The National Championship game wasn't the most exciting, so I went to bed early on time without the feeling of missing it. My workout consisted of 3x15-minute circuits with cycling on the trainer and Crossfit exercises (jump roping, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups and 25 push-ups). Love starting my day off with a workout. It helps to get solid rest the night before though. Breakfast was a quick throw-together of random leftovers. Work was extremely busy. I didn't get a chance to eat my lunch until 1:30pm. It was another somewhat mild day (mid to upper 40s) so I wanted to take a walk. No time though. Something I noticed today is that I've curbed my snacking desire. I used to snack mid-afternoon at work, but haven't done so since starting this. Granted, there have only been 5 work days since starting Whole30, but that's still an improvement.

It was nearly 7pm before I had everything ready for dinner. We had an appointment at 6pm, so it interrupted my cooking a bit. While changing into my pajamas (so I didn't mess up my pretty Desigual skirt), I looked in the mirror and thought I was looking a bit thinner. That is a good sign!

We are implementing a new tradition here. Each week, we are going to try a new produce item. This week was rutabagas. Who knew they were so delicious?! I can't believe I've been missing out on them my entire life. I already have next week's food picked out. What could it be?

Breakfast: Small yam & carrot cake leftover from a couple nights ago. Half of a small apple dijon burger leftover from last night. Wilted spinach. One fried egg. Cinnamon applesauce (for some reason, it sounded good).
Lunch: Leftover apple dijon burger salad, similar to last night's meal. Lettuce, burger, sauteed onions, avocado, egg (cooked in my microwavable egg cooker).
Dinner: Roasted cabbage. Pulled pork with rutabaga hash browns. Fried egg on top. A few sips of Passionberry Bliss Kombucha to wash it all down.

Learning photography as I go along. Left: Breakfast photos. Right: Dinner photos.

Something I noticed with today's menu, I ate an egg at every meal. I don't usually do that. It just happened that way. Just an FYI - I buy Omega-3, free range eggs. Ideally, I'd buy them from a farm, but haven't found one nearby yet.

Anyways, it took me 45 minutes to eat my plate of food because I was still cooking more rutabaga hash browns for our lunch tomorrow... so I was running into the kitchen every few minutes to stir them. So glad to be finished cooking. Leftovers are put into containers. My husband washed the pots/pans and cleaned up the kitchen. He rocks!

I'm feeling pretty drained after two solid days of work (shouldn't tomorrow be Friday?!). I'm planning on running over my lunch hour tomorrow since it will be another mild day. It takes 7-8 minutes to get to the State Park near my office. I better take advantage of these 50-degree winter days while they last. This weekend's highs: 22 degrees both days. Brrr!

What time of day do you workout? Do you workout twice or more in a day? I typically workout in the morning or lunchtime. In order to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time, I don't have the ability to workout after getting off work around 5pm. You do what you have to do.

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